Laughter Yoga for Health Professionals

Laughter Yoga is a proven–and fun–tool that health professionals can readily learn and apply for patients’ wellbeing.

Doctors, nurses, psychologists, counsellors, hypnotherapists…add Laughter Yoga as a resilience tool for patients suffering from anxiety, fear, depression, pain or stress.

Laughter Yoga has been proven to take the mind off ailment. Our Australian health study with Deakin University found physiological and psychological improvements for people receiving kidney dialysis.

Show them how it is possible to laugh ‘for no reason’—when laughter is the last thing you feel like doing—by practising the exercise, Laughter Yoga.

 And let’s not forget the importance of your own health.

BeyondBlue’s National Mental Health Survey of Doctors and Medical Students (2013) revealed doctors had higher rates of psychological distress and attempted suicide compared to the general Australian population and any other Australian profession.

Yes, others’ lives can depend on you and your skills and judgement – but you are human too. More than 1 in 3 medical personnel use a form of exercise to cope with stress (as well as seeking treatment).

Open your mind to a new form of exercise – Laughter Yoga – for your own physiological and psychological wellbeing.


Laughter Yoga Australia can arrange and run regular laughter sessions in your clinic, hospital or other health facility. We can train you in the skills to run your own or to incorporate elements of Laughter Yoga as part of a therapeutic approach to better well-being. Contact us.