The History of Laughter Yoga Australia


Back in 2004, Laughter Yoga’s founder Dr Madan Kataria arrived in Australia on a belly-laughing tour that kicked off in Melbourne.

It was 9 years since he’d first stood in a Mumbai park with just a handful of people and begun laughing. The laughing bug had spread across India and had spread to a few other countries—Australia included. In fact it had reached Australia in 2002 and one of the first to be chronically infected with the joy of laughter for health, wellbeing and peace without reliance on jokes was Merv Neal.

Just months after Dr Kataria’s Australian visit, Merv established Laughter Yoga Australia to support the growth and spread of the happiest wellness exercise to ever reach this nation’s shores.

Through Laughter Yoga Australia’s efforts, important research has been undertaken confirming the health benefits of Laughter Yoga for business people and for patients undergoing kidney dialysis.

Since 2005, Laughter Yoga Australia has worked to meet the ever-increasing demand for Laughter Yoga in:

Today, Laughter Yoga Australia has speakers, facilitators and presenters throughout the nation able to professionally conduct workshops and seminars, run sessions at professional development days and speak at conferences.

Some of the conferences Laughter Yoga Australia has presented at include The Australian Medical Student’s Association, Workplace Health Association of Australia, Early Child Care, Council of the Ageing, and Alzheimer’s Australia.

Laughter Yoga Australia also trains others to lead and teach Laughter Yoga.