About Merv Neal (CEO)

G’day my name is Merv Neal and I am Australia’s leading gelotologist. Yep, it’s a real word. Gelotology is the study laughter and its effects on the body from psychological and physiological perspectives. Please don’t confuse it with gerontology!

I’ve been involved with Laughter Yoga since its arrival in Australia back in 2002 (you can hear my story on YouTube). It’s fair to say that I am an authority on speaking, training, and facilitating workshops about laughter and in particular Laughter Yoga.

What you need to know is that Laughter Yoga really works. It’s not BS. The evidence from research studies I’ve collaborated on with Deakin University is irrefutable.

Through these studies I saw how ignoring your health could have long lasting—even terminal—repercussions.

I also saw the positive impact Laughter Yoga had on improving workplace wellbeing while reducing stress, depression and anxiety.

Read more about the business research that involved 2 Melbourne businesses.

Read about the impact of taking Laughter Yoga into Monash Health’s kidney dialysis unit.

I enjoy working with organisations that genuinely rate staff wellbeing as a priority and an obligation, not just a business requirement.

We live in a great country. So why are so many Australians struggling emotionally, physically and mentally? It’s time to get serious about personal health and workplace wellbeing. Laughter Yoga holds the key: lighten up.

I believe healthy people equals healthy organisations. If that’s your way of thinking too, let’s talk — and then let’s laugh together.