About Laughter Yoga Clubs

When Laughter Yoga’s founder Dr Madan Kataria developed this fun fast-acting mood-lifting wellness tool, he wanted it to be available to everyone. And so laughter clubs were born.

The premise of laughter clubs is that they are local social gatherings during which laughter yoga is practised, and they are free.

In Australia, we have to contend with things like public liability insurance and venue hire so a very small ‘donation’ is asked to cover costs.

Laughter clubs can be found across Australia. Some hold their laughter yoga sessions in public parks on a weekend, some are in community halls mid-week.

Some Australian laughter clubs meet weekly, some fortnightly.

Laughter clubs in Australia may be 30-40 minutes or as much as 2 hours. They combine laughter exercises, breathing and gentle stretching exercises: most incorporate laughter meditation as well.

For those who cannot physically attend a laughter club—or who just can’t get enough laughter in their lives—there’s now Skype Laughter club.

All laughter club sessions are run by certified laughter yoga leaders/teachers who volunteer their time and skills to spread wellbeing through laughter.

Check your state/territory for details of laughter club activities near you:

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South Australia

Western Australia

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